I'm Emily, and if you don't like cats, rats or The Muppets, then we probably can't be friends.

I work with kids, I'm always cold and I'm an ace at making biscuits. I have an awesome boyfriend, we watch a lot of zombie films and our animals are the best.

My life doesn't fit in this box.



Today is pretty stressful.

In the morning I have a job interview to be a cover supervisor, which is kind of like a supply teacher, but not. I desperately want it! I had 2 anxiety dreams about it last night, one where I didn’t get to shower beforehand and another where I had an outfit made of cheese.

Then this afternoon I am leaving to take 40 children to the south of France, which is a million percent exciting! But also nerve wracking because I always feel like I’ve forgotten something.




I don’t give a shit, analysing it is still boring as fuck.

No wait, I had to come back and edit. A crap load of people have made up words, that’s why we have a whole language, we don’t have to analyse their poetry and plays. Even more to the point, no child actually cares that he made words up, it’s a ridiculous thing to keep on the curriculum.

(Source: thenewmetropolitan)


I am going to the South of France on Friday, which is super exciting and if you want a postcard, now is the time to send me your address. Because getting post is fucking awesome.

(I promise not to come to your house and rob you)